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Apologies for the Hiatus

The holiday season came faster and more chaotic than anticipated. Sorry for not blogging more often y’all!

Exciting news though! This Christmas I was able to get a Cricut Explore Air 2 and oh boy! It’s amazing. So many craft projects! Where to even begin!?

Vinyl decals? Stickers? Engravings?!

Nope! The first project I decided to tackle — light up shadow boxes. But not your momma’s shadow boxes. Oh no. These are pop-culture, nerdy, fun shadow boxes!

Which reference did I decide to start with? You may have heard (or binge-watched) a little, ol’ Netflix show called Stranger Things. (If you haven’t, stop reading this. Go watch it for the next 24 hours straight. I’ll wait…..



…did you finish it? Okay good…now let’s continue.) 

Like majority who watched this show, I’m obsessed. And so is my 65 year old father. It’s that good of a show! But I wanted something unique to show off my love for the show at work and a birthday gift to give my father this year.

The end result – a Mind Flayer shadow box:


This rough attempt is the version I’ll be keeping at my desk as it still has some kinks and quirks to work out.

Overall the Cricut made designing & cutting super simple! It was incredibly easy to make each layer in Photoshop, then upload to the Cricut Design Studio. The design studio is super basic, which I enjoy. It makes projects fast, easy, and straight forward! Some have gripes with the lack of tools, but if you have access to Photoshop (or any editor that allows you to save PNG files), this really is not an issue.

One thing I did learn from this project is I should have invested in the basic Cricut toolkit. A scraper and spatula would have made it easier to pry the card stock off the sticky mats. I ended up snapping one mat in half during the creation of this shadow box. Oops!

Overall I am happy with the end product and even happier that I didn’t need to use an exact-o knife, like I did on the previous shadow box I created:


What type of shadow box do you want to see next? What’s your favorite pop-culture or nerdy movie/tv show/video game? Post your favorite below and it may end up as a shadow box!

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