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Painting outside the box

Painting isn’t a craft I’ve grown up doing. Most of the art supplies found in my childhood home involved sewing projects, popsicle sticks, or colored pencils/crayons/markers. So when I needed to create a hexagon lid for my last craft project, I was definitely out of my comfort zone. Which is good, because without that push, I would have never tried painting outside of the box…err…rectangular canvas.

Since painting the inverted owl hexagon, I’ve been practicing on perfecting roses. But just painting roses is boring, so I went to Instagram for inspiration. What I discovered was hand lettering, or calligraphy.

Y’all there are some seriously amazing hand letter-ers…er…calligraphers…there are some talented peeps with some kickass handwriting on Instagram. Just take a look at Chelle Perea (@the_lemonade_store), Chrystal Elizabeth (@chrystalizabeth), Cherly Aurelio (@sweet.aloha.lettering), and Bethany McGill (@bethsbrushes). Chelle Perea even has a beginners guide to learning Hand lettering on Skillshare for those who want to learn how to hand letter: (No I don’t get anything for sending people her way. I just think her class is amazing and deserves the love!)

Practicing the art of hand lettering and painting roses allowed me to create a small series of inspirational hexagons. In each one, there’s definitely improvements and mistakes. But it has become a fantastic, therapeutic hobby.

#GirlBoss was the first in this series:

Up next was a bit longer quote to practice more hand lettering: Keep Your Own Path

The third has yet to be started as I’m searching for a final quote to complete the 3 hexagon series. Any suggestions? Tips? Critiques?

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