Fishing at an Abandoned SeaWorld

July is a favorite month for my son. Each July two weeks are set aside for him to fly up to his grandparents in Aurora, Ohio. Now I know what you’re thinking. Why would a six-year old be excited for OHIO?!

Believe me. I understand the confusion. Ohio isn’t exactly making the cover of travel magazines as the ‘it’ vacation destination.

But for my six-year old, it means two weeks of pool time, fishing, and getting spoiled by his grandmother and aunt. It also helps that his grandparents own a small hotel and throw a Fourth of the July party every year. It’s free for anyone to attend and the kids enjoy the heck out of it since there’s bounce houses and Balloon Bender Dave.

If you haven’t already figured out which part of Ohio we visited by the title of this post, I’ll clue you in with the TL;DR summary. Back in 1970, SeaWorld Ohio opened in Aurora, OH. I know right? Wtf was a SeaWorld in the middle of Ohio?

It wasn’t terribly large as far as theme parks go and was closed down in 2004. A water park opened around 2003 on one side of the park, but it was closed in 2016. All that remains is an abandoned rollercoaster, water slides, and Lake Geauga.

Lake Geauga is fenced off from the public as far as I could tell. The area we had access to required a key and small membership fee to reach the docks. There were plenty of boats lining the shore of the lake though, which hints that there’s probably public access on another portion of the lake.

From the locals it seems the lake is stocked with mostly bass and bluegill. My son was saddened to learn he wouldn’t be fishing up escaped whales, but that didn’t seem to matter once he reeled in his first ‘big one’ of the evening.

Image 2017-07-13 at 10.55.46 PM

The docks we fished at consisted of four separate docks, a few benches and picnic tables, and a playground that’s probably as old, if not older, than myself since it was metal. A rarity in playground equipment anymore.

If you’re every in the Aurora, OH area, I definitely recommend checking Lake Geauga out. The abandoned remnants of the theme park add a unique element while fishing, and the natural beauty of the lake is incredibly relaxing.

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