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02.13.18 | “You Invaded My Heart” Valentine’s Day Box

Space-Invader-ValentineValentine’s Day is tomorrow! My son wanted a space invader box to hold his Valentines …Continue Reading





01.19.18 | Porg Shadowbox

Porg-Shadow-BoxWho else is obsessed with porgs? …Continue Reading



01.10.18 | The Mind Flayer Shadow Box

Mind-Flayer-Shadow-BoxThe holiday season came faster and more chaotic than anticipated. Sorry for not blogging more often y’all!
Exciting news though! This Christmas I was able to get a Cricut Explore Air 2 and oh boy! It’s amazing. So many craft projects! Where to even begin!? …Continue Reading

09.19.17 | Throwing a Minecraft Party

MinecraftPartyEarlier this year, my son turned 6 and like most kids his age, he’s obsessed with Minecraft. ‘No problem,’ I thought ,’Minecraft is super popular. There will be birthday decorations everywhere! This’ll be easy.’ I was, in fact, wrong …Continue Reading

08.23.17 | Painting Outside the Box

HexagonOwlPainting isn’t a craft I’ve grown up doing. Most of the art supplies found in my childhood home involved sewing projects, popsicle sticks …Continue Reading

08.06.17 | Look Whooo’s been painting

HexagonOwlI’ve officially caught the painting bug. What began as a unicorn painting for a lid to a gift box has spawned an entire series of hexagon paintings. …Continue Reading

07.30.17 | Save the Last Unicorn

SavetheLastUnicornThis weekend we were invited to a unicorn-themed birthday party for my co-worker’s 5 year old daughter. I’ve always considered birthdays to be a big day to celebrate, even if it’s not someone in my own family; so finding that perfect gift almost becomes an obsession for me if I’ve not given an exact wish-list to shop from …Continue Reading

07.14.17 | Fishing at an Abandoned SeaWorld


July is a favorite month for my son. Each July two weeks are set aside for him to fly up to his grandparents in Aurora, Ohio. Now I know what you’re thinking. Why would a six-year old be excited for OHIO?!  …Continue Reading